27. International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA 04 – 10.03.2024 / Jelenia Góra / Poland

Short fiction film competition – part VIII

Short fiction film competition – part VIII

FRIDAY 08.03.2024, 12:05-14:05, (LOT CINEMA, st. Pocztowa 11)
Land of Mountains (Land der Berge) 2


An insurance scam and the left thumb of the single father Vladimir find themselves in a low-key tragedy about the kafkaesque barriers of the Austrian immigration law.

AUT, Land der Berge, 2023, 28:08, dir. Olga Kosanović, prod. Deniz Cooper, Rupert Kasper, Olga Kosanović


Under constant pressure from her ex-husband, Nazanin should turn their child – Aban, nine years old – away from a very driven feminine taste. One day, Aban goes to the hospital thinking of undergoing life-changing surgery.

IRN/FRA, 2022, 15:59, dir. Mahdieh Toosi, Abbas Taheri, prod. Pouria Mousavi, Frédéric Dubreuil, Jessica Cressy

ABAN - Still 1


A teenager in search of recognition, a worker ready to do anything to hit the jackpot, a senior executive at the end of his career who wants to prove to himself that he is still alive. Three characters who are losing speed on the competition highway…

FRA/CHE, 2022, 15 :00, dir. Zoel Aeschbacher, prod. Nelson Ghrenassia – Yukunkun Productions, Elena Tatti – Box Productions


The exiled Chilean Luis has found a new home in the GDR (East Germany). He is living a happy life with his German wife and his daughter. However, in October 1988 this changes all of a sudden: As the military dictatorship ends in Chile Luis loses his refugee status in the GDR. 

D, Neuanfang, 2023, 16 :40, dir. Mariella Santibáñez, prod. Jakob Wahl, Mariella Santibáñez



Pragma is a mother-daughter story set in a one-day time period during the daughter’s birthday party as she struggles to hide that no matter how she tries, she gets sick from her mother’s cooking.

HUN, 2022, 29:49, dir. Bianka Szelestey, prod. Attila Csáky – SZFE

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