27. International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA 04 – 10.03.2024 / Jelenia Góra / Poland

Short documentary film competition – part I

Short documentary film competition – part I

WEDNESDAY, 08.03.2023,  10:00-12:00, (JCK, st. Bankowa 28/30)
1 You Can’t Automate Me – Katarina Jazbec (NLD) (1)


Encounters of tattooed port workers, poetic movement and stowaway animals in the vast automated expanse of the Rotterdam harbour.

NLD, 20:00, 2021, dir./ prod. Katarina Jazbec



In 1970 an avalanche erased the colonial town of Yungay (Perú). A bunch of survivors rebuild it just a kilometer away. Huascarán, the once sacred and now feared mountain, speaks for itself. Those who remember know they should pay attenttion.

ESP/PER, 19:00, 2021, dir. Raquel Calvo Larralde, Elena Molina Merino, prod. Raquel Calvo Larralde


2 YUNGAY 7020 – Raquel Calvo Larralde, Elena Molina Merino (ESPPER)
3 Ain’t Living in America – Manuel Liebscher (D) (1)


This short documentary sets out to seek the deep roots of the American dream in a European present. With a photography that mirrors the allure of the myth, we accompany a diverse group of protagonists in their playing with a place of longing.

D, 15:00, 2021, dir. Manuel Liebscher, prod. Maximilian Aigner



This documentary tells the story of how, when a Haitian voodoo priestess, a Mambo, dies, it is up to the children to celebrate the deity she served. It’s time for my mother to come home to perform this ritual in honor of my late grandmother.

FRA, 26:00, 2021, dir. Wilmarc Val, prod. Ysé Productions


4 Brave – Wilmarc Val (FRA) (1)
5 Mother – Irina Savon (UZB) (2)


Valentine is a woman of 46 years old. She works at an animal shelter. Every day Valentine cleans, feeds, gives water and takes care of her pets like her children, who constantly surround her and love her. One day, during the day’s chores, Valentina learns that trouble has happened to one of her sons, and she goes out in search of him.

UZB, 13:00, 2021, dir./ prod. Irina Savon



Every year, thousands of boys and girls are forced to abandon their countries unaccompanied. They flee the violence with nothing more than what fits into their backpack.

MEX, InfanciaDesterrada, 16:00, 2022, dir. Diego Rabasa, Alberto Arnaut, prod. Paola Ojeda


6 Infancia Desterrada (Banished Childhood) – Diego Rabasa, Alberto Arnaut (MEX)
7 Te Llamo Para… (I Call You For….) – Sophia Iribertegui Mayoral (ESP)


Every time that a teleoperator call us, our accelerated way of living won’t let us understand the fact that we are talking to a person who is simply doing their job. Time is so priceless that when they call us, we have the feeling that they are stealing it from us… but when we get angry we don’t seem to care at all.

ESP, Te Llamo Para…, 07:00, 2021, dir./ prod. Sophia Iribertegui Mayoral


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