27. International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA 04 – 10.03.2024 / Jelenia Góra / Poland

Short animated film competition -part I

Short animated film competition -part I

WEDNESDAY, 06.03.2024, 14:00-15:05, (JCK, BANKOWA ST. 28/30)


One day, all the statues in the area come to life. They leave the roadside shrines and pedestals and calmly set off straight ahead, all in the same direction. They do not even stop for a moment. People watch the phenomenon with growing anxiety. None of them knows why and where they go. Only a little girl with a boneless body marvels at the procession of the unusual figures with pure fascination.

PL, 2022,13:48, dir. Barbara Rupik, prod. Agata Golańska – PWSFTviT w Łodzi


A film about a contrast between living in nature and living in a city. Nature is represented by a voice of a female respondent and the city is depicted by the visual part following a man living in a city. Apart from different routines there is also a difference in the perception of nature and how should we treat it.

CZE, Vítej doma, 2022, 03:56, dir.  Anna Rybecká prod. Ondřej Šejnoha – FAMU

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Electra rethinks her 10th birthday, mixing memories with dreams. Isolated in her fantasy world full of busty dolls, plastic men’s body parts and dentist tools, she builds up her own relationships with her body and sexuality. Diving deeper into her childhood memories, Electra goes through the most painful memories to let her suppressed feelings come out.

CZE, 2023, 26:33, dir. Daria Kashcheeva, prod. Zuzana Křivková, Martin Vandas – MAUR Film


Podhale, Poland, Winter of 1939. Magda (15) is an excellent skier. She joins the Polish Resistance and helps by bringing documents and fugitives across the mountains into Slovakia. One day she learns that the group of 23 pilots urgently need to cross the border, as Gestapo is on their heels.

PL, 2022, 09:00, dir. Adela Kaczmarek, prod. Jakub Karwowski, Piotr Szczepanowicz (Letko)

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