24. International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA 22.02 – 28.02.2021 / Jelenia Góra / Poland

Submitted films

If you submitted a film via the form available on our website from 01.07 to 05.07.2020 and the film is not on the list below, please contact us by email: zoom.maincontest@gmail.com

  1. Beyond the Line – Jinuk Choi (KOR)
  2. Cielo E Infierno (Heaven & Hell) – Diego Lodeiros (ESP)
  3. Superbot – Rémy Leroy, Pierre-andré Fontaine, Emmanuel Pierrat (FRA)
  4. Autumn winds , Spring winds and two Doves – sadegh javadi (IRN)
  6. The Black Tome Of Alsophocus – Alan Slavutzky, Nicolás Montes (ARG)
  7. Cua De Sirena (Siren’s tail) – Alba Barbé I Serra, Miquel Muntaner Marcè (ESP)
  8. Me, a Monster? – Belinda Bonan (ESP)
  9. Warum Schnecken Keine Beine Haben (Why Slugs Have No Legs) – Aline Höchli (CHE)
  10. Camaleón (Chameleon) – Pau Torrano (ESP)
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