27. International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA 04 – 10.03.2024 / Jelenia Góra / Poland

Arti Grabowski

Arti often chooses the simplest means to provoke. He aims at calamity and mockery. He introduces chaos by using ostensibly symbolical gestures and sings that actually mean nothing. They are semantic traps set for those who expect this kind of ciphered messages. His performances are hugely based on stamina and physical activity. They form a mix of art and sport. Action that in itself becomes value.

Arti simply loves straightforwardness depriving artistic status of its pathos. He ridicules overly intellectualistic, conceptual or hermetic art.

This nonconformist, mocking approach of an outsider has certainly been acquired by Arti Grabowski.

The 24. IFF ZOOM - ZBLIŻENIA takes place as part of the project: FREEDOM OF ART. ART OF FREEDOM. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget through the Euroregion Nysa
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